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      Zhejiang Yibai Packaging Materials Co., Ltd was founded in 2010 and located in Quzhou city, Zhejiang Province, which is close to Shanghai, the most important seaport city in the world.

      Yibai's has four advanced adhesive coating lines, which mainly produce PVDC and Acrylic coating films with about 10,000 tons annual capacity. PVDC coated films are safe and non-toxic materials that possess balanced yet excellent gas and moisture barrier properties as well as very good chemical resistance. PVDC coated films are widely used in flexible packaging for food, medicine and medical devices and electronic devices applications.

      Yibai advances in plastic packaging technology and focuses on the safety and the quality of its products. The company complys with FDA and EU2017/752,HALALA and Kosher certificate to ensure its products meet the direct food contact packaging requirement. Meanwhile, Yibai is certified with ISO9001 ISO14001 and ISO22000 standards and KOSHER certificate and HALAL certificate and QS certificate and uses ERP management to better control the process and operation. As a result, Yibai has successfully promoted and sold its products throughout Europe and North and South America.

      Yibai aims at operational excellence for its management concept; focuses on the investment in the state of art manufacturing capability; and concentrates its full attention on product quality and customer communication to better serve its domestic and overseas customers.

      The coating plant

      The picture shows Four coating lines with excellent designs, sophisticated devices and high speeds reaching 220 meters per minute. Yibai can produce PVDC or Acrylic coated high barrier materials using BOPET, BOPP, BOPA substrates. The product width ranges from 500 mm to 1600 mm. The coated film can be either one-side or both-side treated.

      The curing room

      The curing rooms use forced air, steam heat exchanger to ensure constant temperature. Operators conduct frequent temperature check and keep process record at multiple temperature detecting and control points thus guarantee a stable curing process as well as product quality.

      The slitting plant

      Yibai has eight high speed slitting machines, one fully automatic high speed rewinding machine and two fully automatic high speed inspection machine. Yibai uses Japanese Panasonic PLC equipment motor control system, automatic optical correction system and Japanese inverter drive. Per customer's requirement, the film slit width can range from 200 mm to 1600 mm.

      The quality inspection department

      Yibai has a quality assurance lab with five trained technicians responsible for quality inspection. The lab is equipped with a number of testing devices and equipment, such as a Mocon unit, a tensile tester and a heat sealer. The lab runs continuously for 24 hours a day to keep tracking product properties for both semi-finished and finished products. Lab samples are kept for at least one year for traceability. With ERP management system, Yibai is capable of and committed to striving for quality.


      With many years exporting experience, Yibai knows the importance of packaging for shipping to ensure the product integrity. Other than internal packaging specification and standards, customer specific instructions will also be strictly followed.



    Tel:+86-570-8089512?? Fax:+86-570-8089512 ?3020512
    Add:No.2 Liushan Road, Hangbu, Kecheng, Quzhou,Zhejiang, China?
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